Monday, November 5, 2007

Visit with the DAN! Doctor

We drove to Richmond, VA today to see a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor. She is a developmental ped but has also been doing the DAN protocol for about 10 years. She was nice but very expensive...charges $600 (yes, that is six hundred) per hour.

She briefly examined Matthew and then spent the rest of the time talking to John & I (while my mom stayed with Matthew in the waiting room). We answered a lot of questions and then she went through her presentation (all complicated scientific research). We were sent home with tons of supplements ($200 worth), a small book that explains the GFCF diet, and several test kits (stool, urine, hair) to collect at home and send away for results (one of them is going to France...wish I could go too!). We have a follow-up visit in 3 months.

On the way out we stopped by Lab Corp to get Matthew's blood drawn for a bunch of other tests. Of course he screamed bloody murder (thankfully John was there to help hold him down) as they filled about 10 vials of blood. I think the entire building could hear his screams. He is so loud and so strong (kicked the whole time) but he has been that way since he was a little fighter!

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