Sunday, November 18, 2007

My "Tagged" Post

Guess what? I’ve been Tagged...who knew such a thing could happen?!

Here's the deal - I have to list 8 interesting/random things about myself, while also mentioning Julie at, who is the person who tagged me. Then I have to tag 8 other blogs...which will be difficult for me since I don't even know that many bloggers! But I'm a good sport and will comply, however, I have decided that since this blog is about Matthew, I will provide some interesting tidbits about him instead of me! Here goes:
  1. Matthew broke my water bag (he was finally ready to enter the world) while we were shopping at Babies R Us
  2. Matthew's daddy was deployed for the first 6 months of his life but he bonded with him immediately upon his return
  3. Matthew's first word (& people think I'm crazy but I heard it!) was Hali...the name of our beloved German Shepherd
  4. Matthew has had three surgeries (@ 4 weeks, 4 months, and 21 months) which is more than some people have in their lifetime
  5. Matthew will not eat any vegetables (except for french fries with ketchup...which really don't count)
  6. Matthew loves anything Sesame Street (especially Elmo) and enjoys having his daddy sing "Rubber Ducky" in the bathtub
  7. Every night Matthew says "nite-nite, time for bed, go to sleep" and then pretend snores (just like his daddy)
  8. Matthew may have autism but he a is a total "ladies man"...all the women go wild for his dimples & big blue eyes :)


Casdok said...


M said...

Going and listing bits about your son is brilliant. :)

My water breaking in a store was my biggest fear with my kids. GAH! Was so glad it broke in the hospital both times!

And french fries with ketchup would count as a veggie in this house. ;) (Though we have serious food issues over here. French fries are the ONLY 'veggie' we get in!)

Matthew's 8 things are just delightful. What a darling boy!

J said...

Hi! I'm Jan. You tagged my blog which I found interesting b/c I have never seen yours. I am very interested in your story for a few reasons. One, we are also in the military here in Northern VA and I am interested in finding out some stuff from you. We are already EFM and I am applying for ECHO. Also, my DS Austin was recently dx with ASD. He is 22 mo. and does not have any words (but he babbles). He also has sensory issues. When did your son begin to talk?

Maddy said...

That's a mighty list, I should do likewise.
Best wishes

J said...

Not sure. I don't think there is an option like that on here. But my email is so feel free to email me there.