Friday, November 2, 2007

Other Therapies for Matthew (PT, OT, ABA)

Peggy is Matthew's physical therapist (PT). She comes for 1 hour two times per month (every other week). She has recommended a weighted vest and custom shoe inserts for his flat feet and sensory issues.

Tracy will eventually be Matthew's occupational therapist (OT). She will also come 2 hours per month but is backed-up and we are on a waiting list. Both the PT and OT are sponsored through the EI Fairfax county it is called the "Infant & Toddler Connection".

I met with an ABA consultant yesterday. She charges a whopping $150 per hour but Tricare's ECHO program (we're a military family) will give us $2500/month towards that...still waiting to be processed into ECHO. I will write more on the Applied Behavior Analysis once we get into it but it's based on the Skinner model and can be very intensive.

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