Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speech Therapy with Kim

Matthew loves Kim, his private Speech Therapist. (He also adores Valerie who comes to the house through Early Intervention.) Every Tuesday morning we drive into Springfield to spend an hour with Kim at the Chesapeake Clinic. He talks about Kim during the week and the elevator (his new obsession)...he calls it the "ab-bie" and has three (make-believe) in our house. He uses 3 closets with bi-fold doors that he opens, goes in, and then exits (sometimes stays in there!). He makes his special elevator sounds while going up & down on his toes to simulate the movement of the elevator. This was cute the first few times he did it but two nights ago we had to remove the downstairs kitchen pantry door b/c this activity was interfering with all others. He still has 2 "ab-bies" upstairs but it looks like the one in the master bedroom will soon lose it's door as well.

Anyway, the point of this post was to show you the pic of Matthew and Kim and tell you how GREAT she is. Unfortunately, we might lose her when he goes to the special preschool. I will ask the teacher (she's coming for a home visit on Thursday) if it is possible to let Matthew miss some preschool hours (go in late) so he can continue his visits with Kim and the 4 hours (weekly) of private ABA therapy he now receives at home.

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