Sunday, November 4, 2007

ChildFind Meeting (Parent Conference)

I met with a School Psychologist on Friday for about an hour. She was one of the testers present during Matthew's evaluation. (The other two were a Speech Pathologist and a Social Worker.) She basically walked me through the Team Evaluation Report and told me what would happen next (Eligibility Meeting, then IEP and services within 30 days). There were 2 items on the report that John and I strongly disagreed with so we typed our rebuttal and I will drop it off tomorrow.

The Eligibility Meeting is set for this Thursday and will be short (5-10 minutes). The three people who evaluated Matthew will decide if he will get services through the Fairfax County public school system (I have no doubt he will) and whether he qualifies for a "developmental delay" or "autism" label (I know he will get the autism label based on the contents of the report).

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