Saturday, November 24, 2007

Please Don't Call Matthew "Autistic"

This is a pet peeve of mine...and many other special moms I have come across. Holly Robinson Peete is very vocal on this subject and it is the first point in Ellen Notbohm's book (see post below). "Defining a child by one characteristic runs the danger of setting up an expectation that may be too low...and if the child gets a sense that you don't think he 'can do it', his natural response will be: why try?"

Yes, Matthew has autism but that is only one aspect of his total does not define him as a person. (If you knew a person with glasses would you label him "myopic"?) Matthew is a child with many thoughts, deep feelings, and exceptional talents and I don't want any label to hold him back or give him doubts about his capabilities.

BTW, I borrowed the above picture/quote from the Mother of Shrek blog and I want to take this opportunity thank Casdok for reading my blog & leaving comments! :)

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Casdok said...

No problem!
And as you know i totally agree with you!