Monday, November 26, 2007

Bye Bye Mailman!!! (& other new words)

After 2 hours of ABA therapy this morning (during which he said some new words: crayon, shake it, and open) I thought it would be nice to take Matthew out. We went to make a photocopy at the Parcel Post (it was the invoice for his hair sample - the last of the four tests I had to do at home and mail to various labs for the DAN doctor), had lunch, and then drove to the Post Office.

In the shopping plaza Matthew pointed to a stop sign and said "stop!". On the way to the PO he said road, tree, house, and shopping (sounds like sha-shing). Then we went in the post office. No one else was there so we brought our package directly to the counter. Matthew was moving around and playing with the floor mat below so the postal clerk said "Matthew, do you want to put this sticker on the package?" Matthew just looked at him like whatever buddy! so I asked the clerk to do it. Then I paid and told Matthew to say goodbye. Well, he screamed as loud as he could "BYE BYE MAILMAN!!!" and I heard lots of laughter behind us. I turned around and there were about 10 people waiting in line...I never noticed anyone come in. So we said goodbye to everyone and received lots of smiles and "isn't he cutes"...and ALL the way back to the car Matthew yelled "BYE BYE MAILMAN!!!"


Casdok said...

Oh wow! How wonderful!!! Brought a tear to my eye!!!

J said...

How adorable that must have been! I love it when kids say cute things! :)