Sunday, November 18, 2007

Matthew's New Glasses

We picked up Matthew's glasses yesterday. He has to wear them due to his right eye crossing in. The condition is called Strabismus and it is not related to his autism. Due to his sensory issues, Matthew does NOT like wearing them. The Optician (and a family with a 3 year old girl that was there) suggested we bribe him with favorite videos or food. We have informed Matthew that if he keeps the glasses on he can watch "Spectrum Connections" which is a wonderful music therapy video specifically for kids with ASD...I highly recommend it! Keeping the glasses on will be a challenge but hopefully they will strengthen the eye muscle. Surgery is another option but it could cause more problems so we'll hold off for now.


Casdok said...

Hes so cute!

M said...

Oh the glasses are DELIGHTFUL! He looks too cute! Hopefully they work quickly and well!

Maddy said...

I think he looks cute! I hated glasses as a child too but the frames are soooo much nicer now. Hope he adjusts.
BEst wishes