Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Daily DAN! Supplements

For those of you that are interested in the DAN doctor's list of vitamins & minerals here it is! She told us to start a new one every 3-4 days and keep a journal/watch for reactions. BTW, all of these (except for the Rx cream) can be purchased on-line at Kirkman Labs...they are expensive and insurance doesn't cover them, but if they help your little one with autism they are well worth it!

Cod liver oil - 1 tsp/day
Multi-vitamin - spectrum complete 1 tsp/day
Calcium powder with vitamin D - 1/2 tsp/day
Magnesium hypoallergenic capsules - Epsom's salts 1/2 cup in tub at night
Zinc - 1 tsp/day
Probiotic - 1 capsule/day
Melatonin - 1 cap at night
Reduced glutathione cream - 1 cc to feet daily & wash off in AM
DMG, B12, folinic - 1 tsp/day (stop if makes him hyper)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your advice. We haven't visited with a Dan! doctor yet.
This will be invaluable for our little cutir

M said...

I'm curious where can I find more information on what each does in theory? Are they use all or nothing kind of things? What does it end up being all together for the supplements?

Seem like a decent list of reasonable things to include. I hope you have great success with them!

(We're just starting this autism journey and still working on an official diagnosis so I'm sitting still on everything but our therapies until I figure out exactly what we're battling here! But soaking up all sorts of alternatives for the future.)

M said...

Not that it's your job to educate or anything. lol. I'm just incredibly interested! If you know of a good website (easy to figure out with 2 young children climbing me at all times) please just send me there.

What a great thing to list though for those who are interested. I've heard a LOT of good regarding DAN! drs and treatments.

Cyndi said...

I think if you go to the Kirkman's website (I haven't been there yet) they explain each one. I've heard that even if you just use one of them (like the cold liver oil for instance) you could see some all depends on the kid.

We're also going to try the GFCF. The doc said try it for 3 months, if you don't notice a difference then stop. All this stuff is trial and error. To answer your question, it's not cheap...the doc charged us $195 for that list (excluding the cream which is prescription)...some of the packages are huge but others not (so not sure how many months each one will last).

Hope this helps...I'm am NOT an expert like some of the other moms on the chat board...wish I had their knowledge! Good luck to you & let me know if you find any good treatments!

:) Cyndi