Sunday, December 16, 2007

Started GFCF Today!

Today is the first day of Matthew being 100% Gluten-free/Casein-free. (Wish us luck!!!) Here's what he ate today:

Breakfast: nitrate-free turkey bacon, 1/2 of a "Foods by George" (rice) English muffin (they're big like biscuits) with Smart Balance Light, 100% apple juice mixed with water and supplements, Gerber freeze-dried apples and 3 bites of the organic applesauce. (Matthew doesn't like fresh fruits or any kind of veggie so we have to be creative.)

Morning Snack: 100% cranberry juice (mixed with water & supps) and 5 (tiny) EnviroKidz organic vanilla animal cookies.

Lunch: combined left over snack juice (he didn't the cran) with 100% grape juice (w/ water & supps), Wellshire Kids nitrate-free turkey-ham lunch meat, the other 1/2 of his muffin, 1 slice of Galaxy Vegan mozzarella flavor "cheese"...which he HATED so I gave him some left over organic turkey (from last night), and raisins.

Dinner: 100% grape juice (w/ water & supps), lean ground beef with Heinz ketchup, Tinkyada brown rice pasta shells with Smart Balance Light, Gerber apricots & mixed fruit (thankfully he loves this one), and he'll have "legal" rice crispie treats (I just made them) later for Dessert.

P.S. If you are wondering why he always drinks juice mixed with water, it is because he hates all the milk replacements. Someone recommended Pacific brand rice milk so I will try to find that one. We have tried several other brands and flavors but so far haven't had any luck. Will keep trying!


Maddy said...

I certainly do.
Best wishes and lots of luck.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

GFCF Mommy said...

Hi Cyndi,

I thought I'd pop over to answer your questions! You wondered how long to do a trial? I think 3 mos. is what is usually recommended, especially since your son is young. But follow what your DAN doctor said. Some people see positive results right away. Some people see negative first, then positive. And for some people, this is just not a factor. But you never know until you try!

We started GFCF when Eric was 2 1/2and we saw good results in about 2 weeks. But each child is so different.

As for where I shop, Whole Foods sometimes, but there is a pretty good little local health food store here. Also, my regular grocery store (Publix) has a big organic section now and I just discovered the manager will special order some things for me (like Bell and Evans chicken!)

As for label reading on fries and such, you just need to look for things that suggest milk, like whey, caseinite, casinate, etc. Also, sometimes fries are coated with wheat to help them crisp. As long as you read the lables, you should be fine. And if you have a doubt, just don't buy it.

Sorry to write a novel, but just wanted to say hi and that I am sending positive thoughts your way!


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