Wednesday, December 12, 2007

IEP Meeting

John, Jenn (our BCBA) and I attended Matthew's IEP meeting today. The other members of the "team" included his teacher, an OT, a PT, and assistant principal. Everyone was nice, the meeting went well, and we got to tour the school.

We saw Matthew's classroom and met the two aides (one male, one female). The only thing I did not like was the hard plastic changing table. Matthew doesn't like to be flat on his back (due to sensory issues) and is used to his table being cushioned and having a pillow for his head.

I realize that school is going to be a difficult transition for Matthew (and me too) but he needs the 27 hours per week of ABA-based instruction and supposedly Fairfax county has one of the best autism programs in the nation. His first day of school will be January 2nd...luckily it is a Wednesday so he will only have 3 days until the weekend.


Casdok said...

Sometimes us parents find it harder as we think to much!!!

J said...

oh goodie an update! So they agreed in writing not to have the aide alone with Matthew and all is good??