Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow Day & Trip to the Mall

It snowed last night so our tour of Matthew's preschool was cancelled. Instead we went to the mall (he enjoys shopping). This time I left the stroller in the car and let Matthew walk. We started by eating lunch at Arby's...not my food court restaurant of choice but I didn't think he would enjoy Taco Bell or Chinese. I've been in Arby's maybe 3 times in my life so I wasn't sure what to order, but I got Matthew a small plain JR roast beef meal and a chicken cordon bleu for myself. I had brought a juice box in my purse for Matthew so I drank his soda and we shared the fries. He actually ate about 1/3 of the plain roast beef slices...I was in shock! Now we have another protein alternative for when we're out and about. He also sat in the booth like a big boy and I had to laugh b/c the seats were so low and the table was so high I could barely see him!

After lunch we went in search of the glass elevator. Matthew LOVES elevators. He by-passed the glittery/light flashing merry-go-round to get to the elevator (he calls it an "ab-bie"). We went up and down about 10 times and he was in Heaven. After the ride we went into Macy's to find their elevator and the entrance to the parking lot. He enjoyed the ab-bie but it wasn't as exciting as the glass one. As we left he yelled "bye bye Target!" (that's where we usually shop) and said goodbye to the elevators.

On the way home I had to stop at Giant to pick up my Rx...Matthew has a word for this store but I can't figure it out. As we walked to the car he said "bye eat!" He associates the grocery store with eating so that's good...he knows there is food there and what do you do with food?! Upon our arrival home we went out to the back yard to get some sun and play in the snow. We had fun and I attached a video to the post below (and yes, he still had a little ketchup on his face!).

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Valerie said...

I love that Matthew said, "bye-bye Target!". My mom said one of my first words was "K-mart" and that I'd get all excited whenever I saw the sign. That excitement is still with me, but it's for Target now, not K-mart! Haha!