Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nutritionist Visit

I took Matthew to see a Nutritionist this morning. I had made the appointment months ago before we ever saw our DAN doctor or started the GFCF diet. She asked me why I was there and I told her I'm worried about Matthew not eating fresh fruits or any veggies, him not liking the milk replacements, and wanting to make sure I'm giving him a balanced diet. Well, she had never heard of a DAN and did not recommend GFCF (b/c there haven't been any official studies to prove it helps autism...even though thousands of moms swear by it). She simply advised me to give Matthew V8 juice, read the "Sneaky Chef", try Quinoa (another GF grain), and make fruit smoothies.


J said...

I'm sure you probably saw this - but just in case not - there was a post on the ASD board from this mom who said she didn't believe in the gfcf diet but she did think that an increase in protein helps out a lot (which is what most kids get by going GFCF). It's not that I don't believe in GFCF b/c I know and I have talked to other parents who say that it really did help with their children but it may not be for everyone as it is probably not for Austin. I still think it is great to give it a try.

Queenbee said...

It is sad that some docs are out of the loop so much. Because they are not head deep into this like we are they tend to be dismissive about things like DAN, gf/cf, bionedical and all that goes with it.

When I went to my obgyn and expressed interest in taking organic prenatal vitamins she looked at me like I was crazy and told me to take anything as long as I was taking something and even if it was Flinstones vitamins....

At that point I chose to nod my head and politely smile versus start at the beginning of how I have a son with autism and all of his issues and how I wanted to be strong for a second one, yadda yadda yadda.

Flinstones vitamins? wow

She also could not direct me as to why I should be taking probiotics while preggo....

My point is, take what they say do your own research and come up with your own plan. Don't take what they say as a final answer.

GFCF Mommy said...

While I agree that the GFCF diet is not for every child, I think your nutritionist should have been familiar with it and with DAN. We had a great visit with our nutritionist when we first started. So my first instinct would be find a new nutritionist. Can your DAN recommend one?

A good one will have you take a lengthy food diary, and want to see your DAN doc's test results. A good nutritionist would be able to tell you about what your child may be missing and see if there are any dietary changes or another diet that might be more appropriate.

That being said, hiding veggies in purees did help us. If your son likes tomato sauce, you can hide all kinds of stuff in there!

Quinoa is good nutritious stuff and you can also buy flax meal and sneak it into things you bake or again, tomato sauce.

Hang in there. Ask other parents about a nutrtionist too. That's often the best way.


GFCF Mommy said...

P.S. I get so upset about the "there are no studies to prove it" comment. There are. It's just that most doctors don't keep up with that type of research. Just look at the multi-page bibliography at the back of Lisa Lewis' books. And her book is now kind of old, there are loads of more recent studies. Also, a really big one is going on in Canada right now due out in 2008.

No, it isn't a cure-all, and it isn't necessary for all children with autism, but studies DO show is helps some.

Sorry to vent, it just annoys me, that statement. Nothing to do with you. I feel like carrying a bibliography around with me to doctors' offices sometimes! LOL!