Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy Old Man!

A crazy old man slammed into my car in the parking garage while we were leaving the hospital today. He must have been 90+ years old and was totally out of it. He hit my car while pulling into his spot, then backed out and went full speed ahead into the cement wall. He didn't even blink! I walked around to see if I had any damage and didn't see any so I got back in the car. I was trying pull out when the man opened his door (almost hitting me again) and then wobbled past me down to the elevator. Not once did he look at me, my car, his car, or try to apologize. He must have dementia or something. I just wanted to get away from him! Hopefully my car isn't messed up...I couldn't imagine trying to get this man's insurance info. He should not be allowed to drive!!!


Maddy said...

I sincerely hope that it was 'only' the car that was damaged, apart from everyone's psychological well being.
BEst wishes

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J said...

sorry - I know this is not funny but it is slightly humorous (just the crazy old man part)especially after the fact that you or Matthew were not hurt; Glad everything is ok.

Anonymous said...

Matthew is a cutie! He obviously takes after his mother. He looks as though he will not need the muscle building supplement quest his father seems to be on, which is the source of much entertainment here at work. We believe John is single handedly supporting the supplement industry - although we don't see any results??? Hmmmm.. Just kidding -Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Spanky (John's coworker) :)

Drexel XO said...

Hysterical! Hilarious! Thx for sharing this off the wall moment. I am doing tons of reading cuz my son @ 27 months was Just diagnosed w/autism and this was a nice distraction. Glad no one was hurt but it must have been a bit unsettling when it happened. PS..your son is super cute :)