Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No More Kim :(

This is a sad week for us..we said goodbye to Valerie yesterday and had to do the same with Kim today. Kim was Matthew's private ST at the Chesapeake Clinic. She only sees clients there on Tuesdays (b/c she does EI home visits the rest of the week) and Matthew will be in school all day on Tuesdays. The only times Matthew could do private ST is on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and unfortunately Kim is not available.

I brought my camera and took a short video (see clip above) and some pics. Kim had some new toys today and one of them was a headband with ears attached. Matthew really enjoyed pretending to be a dog. She also gave him a gift (holiday play dough, birthday candles, and a little cowboy). Thanks Kim...we will definitely miss you (and the elevator)!!!

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