Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great Eye Doc Visit!

Matthew did surprisingly well at the eye doctor today. I kept waiting for him to freak out and he never did! Our appointment was for noon but we didn't get called until 1pm. In the meantime, Matthew played with the toys in the waiting room and ate snacks. He did not fuss or ask to go to the "ki" (car). Then they called us back and the doctor came in two minutes later. Matthew sat on my lap in the examining chair and let the doc shine lights in his eyes and I kept thinking "who is this kid...where is Matthew?!" I guess we've been there enough now that it's no longer stressful for him. The doc said to come back for a recheck in 4 months. I asked if Matthew will eventually need surgery for the cross-eye and he didn't think so. I also asked if Matthew would need glasses for the rest of his life and he said he would probably outgrow them by puberty. I really like Dr Parelhoff...he's been practicing for 25 years and is wonderful.

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Casdok said...

Well done Matthew!