Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Family Visit in TN

We drove down to Tennessee to visit John's family over the holidays (that's Billy and Janie in the photo). We divided the 12 hour drive into two days so it wouldn't be so hard on Matthew. On the way down we discovered that Matthew can read...he can recognize words and symbols on billboards, trucks, and store signs. Every time we passed a McDonald's, Target, Wal-Mart, Macy's, Holiday Inn, or Cracker Barrel he let us know!

We stayed with John's mom Janie and step-dad John the first night in Winchester. It was a rainy day so we couldn't ride the gator or visit the ducks but Matthew enjoyed playing with his new toys. His favorite is the wooden pizza. The next two nights we stayed with John's sister Julie and her family in Bell Buckle. She hosted a family dinner so we got to see John's aunt Melissa and uncle Steve and his grandparents. We also saw uncle Billy and Travis the next day.

The highlight of the trip was Matthew visiting a farm (we're city people so that was a first). He got up close and personal with the chickens, roosters, donkeys, and a horse (see above video). Santa brought James a Wii video game for Christmas so many hours were spent playing that. Our final night there John and I fell ill with the flu. We had to cancel our visit to friends Nick and Vic b/c we felt so terrible and didn't want to infect them. So we packed our bags and hit the road. Luckily Matthew never caught the bug!


nick said...

Thanks for keeping us healthy! Hope to see you next time. Nick and Vicki.

J said...

How cute that he read the signs!! Glad you had a good trip but sorry about the flu! We just had a round of colds here in our house!