Friday, January 11, 2008

No Tears & A Drawing!

Matthew completed his first full week of preschool today and for the first time did NOT cry when I dropped him off. I picked him up early, as I do 2x/week so he can come home for ABA with Jenn, and he was in a really good mood.

While Matthew was "playing" with Jenn, he drew me a picture (he's never used markers before) and after he made it he said "boat in the waddie" (he actually described what he drew) so Jenn wrote the title on the paper. I'm going to hang the masterpiece on the frig.


M said...

Maybe HE had no tears but how were you? ;)

What a beautiful 'boat in water' llove it!

J said...

I love the drawing :)

And how nice that he did not cry when left off at school! YAY Matthew!

Casdok said...

First full week, no tear and a fab drawing!!
How wonderful!!

Maddy said...

The first of many masterpieces I'm sure.
Best wishes

Nicole said...

He's doing pretty good with his language if he's saying that already - way to go, Matthew!!! And I am sure it was wonderful to have a nice drop-off at preschool. What a great day!