Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Diaper Issue

Matthew started preschool last Wednesday and the teacher/aide there change his diaper standing up b/c he refuses to lie down for them. Up until Friday he has always laid still on the table for me but now he only wants to be changed standing up. I have a difficult time doing that (the diaper goes on crooked and often ends up leaking) and due to rash issues/previous surgeries for abscesses, I really have to inspect his privates and slather them with A&D ointment.

So now that he has learned the "new way" at school, how am I supposed to get him back to doing it "our way" at home without a major tantrum and tears? Any advice and/or mommy tricks would be appreciated.

* Update: I am now changing him standing up! (I'm getting better at it.)

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Nicole said...

I have tried changing my kids standing up at times and I agree, the diaper is much tougher to get on right! Have you tried pull-ups, though? That makes it a million times easier. And since you are thinking about potty training, it might be a good idea to start him getting used to potty stuff being a "standing up" activity. ;)