Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Meds/Supplements

Matthew finished his one month course of Diflucan (to kill the yeast in his gut) and began Nystatin today (another anti-fungal but not as strong). This is the first liquid medicine that he refuses to drink from the syringe so I mix it in his juice. We have also started him on DMG with folic acid/B-12 and will begin the L-carnitine, P5P, CoQ 10, and lithium cream soon...we add a new supplement every 4 or 5 days so if he has an adverse reaction we'll know which one is the culprit.

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motherx said...

We try DMG from time to time but find it can cause hyperactivity. so we always end up stopping and restarting it. I do notice a difference when they take it though.