Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Artwork Extravaganza

Matthew came home from preschool with 4 new masterpieces...hope you enjoy the pics! (We think the 2nd one is a rabbit.)


Allison said...

cyndi - so glad that Matthew is enjoying school! his artwork is great. We're about to embark on the same journey in about a month.

glad to see you are feeling better about the school situation!

Anonymous said...

Pictures look nice Cyndi. Maybe we can post some of these suckers in my cubicle. John

Nicole said...

Wow, he's been busy in school! Those are so cute! It looks like they used hands & feet for the top two...always one of my favorites. Good job, Matthew!!!

J said...

They are all wonderful pics :)
I'm so happy to hear that he is liking school!