Monday, January 7, 2008

Morning Chat @ Panera

I finally met Maria (one of my on-line friends from the autism chat board) and the parents of Peter (a very cute 4 year old in Matthew's class) and reunited with Caroline (Charlie's mom who brought younger brother Alex who is too cute for words!) We met at Panera, a local cafe with lots of yummy treats. It was the first time I've sat down to discuss autism with a group of parents and it was very informative. Peter has been in the PAC for 2 years now and has gone from non-verbal to talking up a storm. His progress has given me hope for Matthew and I look forward to chatting with my new friends again soon.


Casdok said...

Meeting other parents can be very insightful and supportive.

Alex & Javier said...

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for leaving a message on my blog. Very nice to hear from you and I wish you the best. I live in NVA as well, and there are tons of things that you can do for your child. It is a long journey, but it will change your life (for the better hopefully).

Come back and visit us once in a while.


M said...

Oh! Panera and people that understand? I CANNOT think of a better morning! Woo hoo! And seriously seeing kids slightly ahead of Liam gives me such great hope as well! It's always so wonderful to watch and see! I usually end up apologizing for 'staring' or 'over engaging' with the child it's just DELIGHTFUL to me to see children on the spectrum thriving!