Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kohl's -- "That's More Like It!"

Today I learned the danger of sending Matthew to school...shopping! Yes, retail therapy. I dropped $100 at Kohl's without even trying and everything I bought was on clearance...60-80% off (that's almost free, right?!).

Seriously, now that Matthew is away from me 27 hours per week I have so much more free time. I plan to use it wisely and read books on autism, join a support group, continue to chat on-line with my autism board, read autism blogs (do you notice a theme?), and oh yes, diet and exercise to lose lots of weight (fun!). I have also signed up to be a volunteer at his school, not in his class but in the main office and as an instructional assistant. Maybe I can sneak a peak through his classroom window while I am there!


M said...

Oh cod. We just god Kohls around here and it's going ot be the death of my bank account. I got a coat there for $12.50 the other day! For me and my fat butt! WOOO!

I hope Matthew does well in HIS alone time too! Kinda jealous. We just (thankfully) upped Liam's school time from 4 hours a week to 8 1/2 (pitifully low, I know) and all that running around and me being there is wearing me out! I almost look forward to his going to 'real' school preschool next year.

Almost. I'll miss my baby!

Yeah for volunteering at his school. At least you can probably peek in!

Nicole said...

I think it's great that you have some time for yourself. I know Matthew's diagnosis is fairly recent, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with everything at times. My son was diagnosed at 15-months and just started preschool (he just turned four) this fall. Although I worry about him all the time when he is gone, it is nice to have a break from therapy and keeping a constant eye on him for a few hours here and there. Make sure you take the time to recharge your batteries!! :)