Friday, September 19, 2008

TGIF! and New OCD Behavior

I can't believe I haven't posted in 11 days...I think that's a record for me! It's been hectic, plus I discovered Facebook and now have a semi-addiction to it. If any of you are on there, let me know and we can be "friends". :)

So it's another chelation weekend and we're getting the hang of it now. The only bummer is having to stay up late OR go to bed and wake up at midnight to give him his 3rd dose of the day. (I apply the creams at 8am, 4pm, and midnight.)

New since the last post: Matthew's obsessive-compulsive behavior. This started about the same time school did. He has to walk in a certain way or else he goes back to where he started and does it all over again (and says "no go this way"). He does this when coming down the stairs, walking thru the hallway, and going to the car in the garage. And today his teacher told me he is doing this at school as well. It is very frustrating, especially when we're in a hurry. I'm not sure WHY he's doing it or what to do about it other than try to redirect, but then he starts to scream/cry and create lots of drama. So if you have any insights/advice, please comment!


Casdok said...

I could of course be compleatly wrong!
But it sounds to me that Matthew is finding his own way of reducing his anxiety of moving from one place to the next.

So maybe clearer prompts of where hes going next? PECS? Or what ever helps Matthew with his anxiety levels.

M. Christensen said...

I wish I had advise for you but I feel so lost most of the time myself. I will pray that he is just adjusting and will get through soon!

BTW, I am on facebook as well, it is ridiculously addicting... search for me by my email and add me as a friend.

Julee said...

When I read this I called out "Oh Matthew, No!" Been there, done that... It's so frustrating. My oldest did this. It helped because he was 7 at the time and so we could discuss it with him some. He said he didn't "feel right" if he didn't do things in his certain routines. There are therapies for this, but you have to see a professional and we didn't do that. I would definitly start OLE. I don't know how you're going to get it in to him though, it's awful stuff. My oldest takes it in capsule form.

Start reading about OCD, it helps to get some ideas on how to handle it and it helps to see how much worse it could be and also to know what to watch for.

There are OCD books for kids but, they talk all about having to wash your hands too much and I didn't want to give my son any ideas.

Matthew is so young... One thing that would concern me is that an ABA person is going to want to handle this behaviorally and treat it like a routine, but I think it goes deeper than that. OCD is a whole different ballgame.

Ok, enough jabbering from me. Start OLE as soon as you can, you can also try inositol, we saw some improvements with that. Honestly, the OCD thing mostly just comes and goes as it pleases.

Is Matthew overly stressed?

GFCF Mommy said...

I agree with Julee. Unfortunately, OCD behaviors have been in our life too. With the Prince, they come and go. They do seem to be tied to wanting comfort in times of stress. The hard thing is to determine if they are truly OCD or if they are OCB. With OCD, the person usually feels that something bad may happen if they don't do the obsessive activitiy. With OCB, they often enjoy the behavior. That is what happens with many ASD kids, it is OCB not OCD. Does that make sense?

Also, I just got on Facebook too. It is hugely addicting! I'd like to be on your friends list too!


Laura said...

I'm on Facebook, too, and am addicted at times. I try to stay off as much as possible, and only go on when I receive messages. I always need more friends, though!

The OCD - Hutton tends to be verbally OCD - he'll say the same things over and over ("When is school going to be over?") and ask questions even when he knows the answers. It's like he has to ask the question, and can't just comment on something. The late night chelation is a bummer, but worth it! We're going to try HBOT next month, but it will require getting up early in order to get two session in a day around school. Not looking forward to that, but I figure I can get through anything as long as there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Anonymous said...

hi cyndi,

sorry to hear about matthew's ocd behavior. i can see how that would get really frustrating when you're in a rush. maybe it's an adjustment phase w/ going back to school and it will soon pass??? i don't have any suggestions - but i have learned alot from the previous comments!

Leslie said...


Have you ruled out PANDAS on the OCD?

It can be treated with Olive Leaf Extract.

Just a thought. Much love.