Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hide & Seek Video

John will be leaving in a few days for 2 months (he's going to CT for a submarine course). Matthew's Occupational Therapist recommended that we make some videos of Daddy so I can play these for him when he asks "where daddy?" or "daddy home?". Here is the first one...Matthew LOVES to play hide and go seek with his dad. He requests it every night as soon as John walks thru the door!

P.S. Please cover your eyes when I show the dining room table!!! It is covered with Matthew's school art projects, his lab test boxes, etc. That room looks like a bomb went off in there...I will clean it one of these days!


Valerie said...

I love how he's still counting as he starts to cute!!

Julee said...

That was so much fun! :)

Great video

M. said...

What a sweet video.

And two months? You are my hero. I hope you have some help available to you in case of mama burnout.

Kathy Mankin said...


That's wonderful! Matthew sounds great with his counting. Good ideas about making the videos. Please put me down on your list of mother burnout help!!!!

Casdok said...

Aww Matthew is just so cute!
2 months is a long time.
I loved the dining table, shows how much fun stuf you do.

Angoraknitter said...

LOL, looks like fun!

Brandao said...

Great video! They look like their having so much fun.

BTW, my diningroom table looks like that too:)