Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doors, Elevators & Merry-Go-Rounds

Matthew has a door obsession. Over the last year it has changed from the electric garage door to the bi-fold pantry doors to the sliding screen door, and now it's automatic doors (especially glass ones that slide sideways) at public places. For the last week, we have been working on his sliding door fetish and it is getting better (at least when another person is around like John or his therapist) but still needs work. Matthew gets upset if he doesn't follow a certain order, must watch the doors close behind him, and likes to repeat the process. This can make Mommy a little nutty when she is trying to get into/out of the library or grocery store in a timely manner!

Matthew also loves elevators...hmm, maybe b/c they have sliding doors! He will go up & down 50 times if you let him. The funny thing is he used to be terrified of these as a baby...he would shake with fear and I'd have to hold his hand/tell him it was OK. Now, I have to pull him out!

He also used to be afraid of the merry-go-round at Burke Lake Park. I don't know when/how he got over this fear, but he really enjoys the one inside Springfield Mall. Here are 2 video clips...one of us in the elevator there and the other of Matthew with his daddy on the ride.


Casdok said...

C also has a thing about doors still!
Love the video clips!

Jessica said...

Wes used to hate elevators too. Now he loves them. Funny isn't it?

Julee said...

Man, you're right about the door thing! I'm glad to hear it's going better, that has to be SO frustrating!

Matthew looks like he's doing great! I liked it in the video when he did that pull up his pants thing, Nathan does that a lot too. :)

Betsy said...

My boys love to push the buttons in the elevator! They also used to spend hours opening and closing doors.

The Burke Lake Carousel has long been a favorite with my boys. I rode it a few times, but it made me too dizzy. It seems to run longer than other ones I have been on. I was always thrilled when my husband was along to ride with them!

Before we left the area we went to see my younger sons old PAC teacher. We have really fond memories of his time in that class. Hope Matthew has a great year!


Autistic by Injection said...

Hi Cindy! I added your link to my blog. Matthew is so cute!!!