Thursday, July 3, 2008

Won A Contest!

I am the proud winner of the GFCF Poop Blog contest. As a result, Matthew will be receiving a month's worth of free diapers/pull-ups and we are very grateful for these! Check out the website (warning: pictures of kiddie poop) and/or Tori's other blogs:


Leslie said...

This totally cracks me up. I was just telling my husband (who really hasn't been that involved in my daughter's healing) that he would be surprised by the fact that there are many mommies out there sharing and exchanging poop stories. He kinda rolled his eyes....but we know :) I love your blog! How was the book "the soul of autism". I am an insatiable reader and always up for a good book.
Much love, Leslie

Cyndi said...

Hey Leslie! Not too many moms can say there are pics of their kid's poop on the internet...but I can! :)

I haven't read that one yet...I've only read a handful on my list and need to add more titles. It's more like a wish list for me than ones I've actually read (so far). I'm starting Dr. Bock's book now and still reading one of the GFCF diet ones. Too many books, to little time!!!

Julee said...

Hey, here's the post about you winning the contest! That's funny, I looked for it before and didn't see it! :)