Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun With Peter & Emma

Today we had a play date with Peter and his sister Emma. Most of it was spent outside in the backyard playing on the swings and with bubbles (thanks Kathy!). We did go inside towards the end to have a quick snack and play with trains (you just can't have Peter and Matthew together without trains being involved!). I think I might have to break down this weekend and buy Matthew a train table...I saw one on sale at Toys R Us for $79.


Kathy Mankin said...

Thanks Cyndi and Matthew for such a fun play date at your house. We love the movie! Happy Fourth! We'll see you all soon.

Kathy, Peter and Emma

Julee said...

We've been trying more play dates lately and it's been fun!

I came here because I saw you won on Tori's blog! I won't mention what contest you entered just in case you don't want EVERYONE to know what we crazy moms do *wink*


Jessica said...

Congrats on the award and I second the train table. We have one and a lot of time is spent there.

As for the cranialsacral therapist, I did a search using and google in my area. I found ours in an office that is sort of like a day spa place. They accept insurance and thankfully Medicaid.

Have you looked into Medicaid for Matthew? I'm not sure about your state, but because of his disability, he should qualify for Medicaid.

Good luck and I hope that helps you!