Monday, October 6, 2008

Stressful Days * Plus Update *

Cyndi Update: My internist called to tell me the lump is a benign breast tumor called a "fibroadenoma" and that I need to go back in 6 months for another sonogram. (The radiologist found another one by accident that day so I must have several of them.) Thanks for all your kind thoughts & prayers! :) 10/08/08

On Friday, I had a breast biopsy done b/c they found a solid mass on my mammogram & sonogram...I should know the results by Thursday. John is now attending a 2 month Navy course in CT but did come down for 2 days to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary and to take me to the procedure. My mom drove up from the VA Beach area to care for Matthew while I was recuperating...I was just really sore/swollen for 3 days afterwards and not allowed to pick Matthew up.

On Saturday, I noticed a brown spot on Matthew's tooth so I'm afraid he might have a cavity and he currently doesn't have any dental coverage. So John is working on that and I need to find a pediatric dentist who won't try to push fluoride (a neurotoxin) or nitrous oxide (a potential cause of regression) and has experience with ASD kids.

Today, I had to take Matthew to LabCorp to get his blood work done (4 vials full). This had to be done before breakfast and after obtaining a first morning urine sample (not easy for a boy who still wears diapers and refuses to wear a collection bag)...but Matthew did comply and peed in the little potty so I got the sample. Of course, the blood draw didn't go as easily, but there was less screaming/kicking this time. (I just hope they did the Doctor's Data kit correctly and remember to call DHL for pick-up!)

I forgot to mention we also did a stool sample on Sunday...that's always the easiest of the three tests...which are to check his metals excretion, kidney & liver functions, and red blood cell counts during chelation (and need to be repeated every 2 months - ouch!).

Now I'm waiting on a call from our DAN nurse b/c we agreed to change Matthew's DMSA formula due to a rash from the cream. We're supposed to change it to a emu oil base, but now the big-wig pharmacy is giving me a hard time about the nurse is calling the owner to see what the problem is. I hope we don't have to go back to the other pharmacy b/c their shipping charges were 3x as high (overnight vs. 2 day air), they wouldn't bill our Tricare insurance directly, and the cost of the Glutathione cream wasn't being covered!

So now I wait... on many results.

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad/"Popeye" (Matthew's term for his Grandpa)...he turned 69 today, and mom (aka "Nini" = Granny) is probably stuck in traffic trying to get back home to him!


Julie said...

I've been thinking about you as you wait for your results. I know it's hard to wait and I imagine that the hours really stretch out in a awful way. Sending happy, positive, all-clear thoughts your way.

Laura said...

Good luck with your wait for results! Congrats on 15 years of marriage!

Dentist -- We have insurance, but Hutton didn't cooperate the last time we went. He wouldn't open his mouth. I hate how they push the flouride, too. We haven't had to worry about cavities, yet, but the nitrous makes me nervous, as well.

Good luck with the pharmacy!

The labs -- Sigh. My least favorite part of DAN stuff.

Hope next week if very mellow and worry free!

Anonymous said...

I am sending you LOTS of positive Karma, so that you get good results!! It must be a terrible worry for you, so am def thinking of you.
15 years of marriage! Its crazy how fast time goes by! cant believe Ive been with mine since i was 28...Im 43 now!...scary.

Betsy said...

I hope you get the all-clear in the next few days.

As for a dentist, we used Dr. Leaf when we were in VA. The only thing we ever had done were cleanings. They were good about checking to make sure the cleaning stuff was GFCF. Beyond that, I don't know much. I always wanted to check out that biological dentist in Annandale, but he is not covered by Tricare (or wasn't when we were there).

Good luck!

Angoraknitter said...

I've got to say Emu Oil is great stuff! I have that in my face mosturizer and had my favorite lotion maker add it to my body lotion too.

You don't have Concord Dental? Navy folks should be able to easily enroll, it's not very expensive. When we get there we're going to have to find a dentist too, Peter's teeth are coming in all catiwonked, it's going to be grand fun getting those straightened out.

Hope the results are benign, keep us posted.

TheFiveDays said...

Lots of stuff going on in your house! First, congratulations on your anniversary...15 years is something to be proud of! Second, you are in my prayers as you wait for the results of your own tests...please keep us posted. Waiting is always so stressful and I am sure it is on your mind tonight. Third...I am impressed on how you got through all that testing with Matthew...whew! Glad that part is over with.

Lynn Stallworth said...

I am praying that your results come back free and clear. Like you really need more stress in your life! Sometimes things seem more than we can bear, but somehow we make it through.

We don't have dental, either. I keep praying that the boys will have good teeth. At least for the next few years.

I'm hoping our tests find some good stuff. We used oral DMSA. They warned me that it was really horrible tasting. I was SO scared the boys wouldn't eat what we put it in, but they did. That combined with the Metal Free-I hope it pulled some significant stuff. The boys had the w/e off, and Monday I started back with the metal free until we see what the results are. Initially, the boys got a rash from the topical glutathione, but that has since dissipated. It was never a major rash, but I'm glad it's gone.

I can't wait to see what both of our tests come back showing!

DMV47 said...

Hi Cyndi! In response to your question about the "life-saving" *lol* AFP tablets, these are some past entries I've written about them:

Wonder Twins said...

I wanted to tell that I had a very similar thing happen to me recently as well. It is very scary. Just when you think your life has perspective due to autism...try being worried about a lump, right? Glad to hear everything turned out ok

Mommy Mac said...

YEAH!! Good news!! This is exactly the diagnosis I received. I go back every 6 months to check to see that the tumors haven't grown in size.

Don't stress! Just keep on top of your check ups and the rest is in God's plan.

I wan't sure if you got my reply back to you on facebook the other day or not. My computer was acting STRANGE!!

Happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Im very happy that your results came back ok! Must be a weight of your mind. Good luck with finding a dentist for your little man!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi! So glad the results of your breast tumor were benign. Thank God! Several years ago I had a fibroadenoma removed as well. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! God bless your marriage!

Casdok said...

You do have a lot on your plate. So glad to hear the results was begign.

Laura said...

Yay on the results! I know that is a huge load off your mind! Now, back to the regular heavy load of autism thoughts...

~Zurama~ said...

I know, there's a lot to think about. Normal parents have much work, but never like Autism parents. So, how in the world did you get him to wear glasses?

DMV47 said...

so glad all went well with you, cyndi!!! *hug* and oh, those Doctor's Data tests....oh boy!

J said...

So glad to hear you are ok!