Saturday, October 18, 2008

Neurologist Visit

I took Matthew to see his neurologist yesterday. His 24 hour EEG showed no seizures but did show some abnormal/slow brain waves which the doctor wasn't too concerned about..said it could be from a brain abnormality OR b/c he was tired that day.

She once again brought up the MRI..I told her we didn't want to do it b/c I've heard plenty of regression stories (due to sedation) on the various autism-related Yahoo groups I'm on. She said fine but if we notice any seizures, headaches/blurry vision, partial paralysis, etc I'm to call her ASAP. She told me she had another patient (a 5 year old boy with autism) whose parents didn't want to do an MRI but she finally talked them into it and found a brain tumor. I really don't think Matthew has that and he would tell me if his head hurt. Anyway, John & I agree that it's not worth the risk of losing all the skills Matthew has worked so hard for over the last year. Maybe when he gets older (and can lay still for 20 minutes) we will do one.

P.S. Matthew was on his best behavior at the hospital...very well-behaved, friendly, and cute!


Mommy Mac said...

That's great news, Cyndi!

Matthew is such a cutie! He is a good mix of you and Jay. I have to ask where you found the cookie monster shirt? Casey adores cookie and we have only been able to find cookie shirts at yard sales. Do tell!!! By the way, when are you guys thinking about coming down for Christmas?

Carolyn said...

Hi! I found your blog through another blog and just wanted to cheer you on. I'm in the A Club too with a 6 year old ASD kid. We've been keeping a blog about our autism service dog and I've really enjoyed reading about the lives of all the other folks in our club. (I also enjoy your pix as we used to live in VA and I miss it dearly!) Keep up the hard work and when you have time come by and visit our blog at

TheFiveDays said...

Glad that the appointment went well! And also, so glad to hear about the results from YOUR test. Woohoo!

Casdok said...

Well done Matthew!!

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear that Matthew's EEG showed no seizure activity!
I did not know about the risk of regression with sedation MRIs. Rhema had one this past May and thankfully she did not regress.

Hope things are going well with you!