Monday, June 23, 2008

Pirate's Cove Water Park

Yesterday we went to a pirate-themed water park. It has a 24-foot high play structure with a 300-gallon dumping bucket, water slides, and waterfalls. It's close to our home and a good introduction to water parks (geared towards kids 3-6). Matthew enjoyed it until he went down the slide and went under water. Due to his sensitivity issues, he has an aversion to getting his face & ears wet. After that he kept repeating "go home, got to go home" so we left. We will try again in a couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for planning another trip. The place looks like fun. Cute pictures!

Julie said...

That looks like an awesome water park. I love the pirate - arrrghhh!!

Julee said...

We have passes to Soak City this year. We try to go every other week or so. So far it's been fun, I've been surprised with how much the kids will put up with.

We went to the beach yesterday and Nathan did good there, at one point he had a hard time with the wind, but did pretty good. I can't even imagine the sensory input that they must deal with - wind, water, sunshine...!