Sunday, May 4, 2008

Matthew Rode a Horse!!! :)

Today we went to an open house at Simple Changes in Lorton, VA. (Here's a link to their website: Matthew rode a horse named Kali and loved every minute of it. The riding center is 7 miles from our house and I learned about it via an email from our local ASA chapter. Matthew was not afraid to touch the horse on the nose and gladly let a stranger put a helmet on him and lift him up onto the was amazing! Here's a short video and some pics. The center offers therapeutic riding sessions for kids 4 and up and hippotherapy for kids 2 years & up. We're going to try to get him into the summer session but the website says they have a long waiting list. In any event, it was a great experience for him and on the way to the car we ran into some clowns...they seem to be everywhere these days! Then we drove a few miles down the road to the Mason Neck State Park where Matthew had fun at the playground and went down his tallest slide to date. It was an exciting afternoon!
ETA: we just got a call from the center, we entered a raffle and won a $85 massage!


Thomas Dzomba said...

Hey Cyndi, awesome pictures!!

Check out my post on hippotherapy:

I am also going to find a way to post a presentation I made on hippotherapy.

Hippotherapy, along with the GFCF diet, are the two things we felt helped Helena the most.

oboerista said...

Yay Matthew! Simply Awesome.


GFCF Mommy said...

Way to go Matthew! Like Thomas said, I too know a lot of people who found hippotherapy a great help.

And you a right there in beautiful horse country! I think I told you we used to live in Charlottesville. Sigh. Sometimes I miss Virginia!