Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebs with Kids on the Spectrum

I read an article today about celebrities who have children with autism. The most famous appear to be: Sylvester Stallone, Doug Flutie, Dan Marino, Ernie Els, Jenny McCarthy, Holly Robinson Peete, and Toni Braxton. These celebs work hard to raise awareness and research funds for ASD. John Travolta also allegedly has a son with autism but he and his wife Kelly Preston will not admit it and may be denying him treatment because of their beliefs in Scientology. The funny thing is that John's brother (Joey Travolta) produced a documentary on autism...I wonder if that was his way to get his brother's attention. Whatever Jett Travolta’s diagnosis, I hope he is getting the services and education he needs. Having a child with autism is NOT a shame, but doing nothing to help him is.
P.S. Notice Jett toe walking in the picture?...he is also non-verbal.


Kathy Mankin said...


How old is he? He looks like he's 8-10 years old. That is a crime that they aren't doing anything about it. He's toe walking and non-verbal and they are letting Scientology "help" him. What about his future? Sorry, I'm on my soapbox.


Cyndi said...

Exactly!!! I believe he is 14.