Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to GA/John's Change of Command

Matthew & I (along with my dad) flew down to Kings Bay, GA on Wednesday for John's Change of Command ceremony/reception. We were there until Saturday and it was a big break in routine for Matthew. Yes, he had some tantrums but had his good moments as well. It was his first time flying. He did better going than coming back...the flight attendant made him turn off his DVD player (he was watching Cars) and buckle up for landing & he didn't aprreciate that!

Here is a video montage I made from the pics we took...hope you enjoy it!

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Casdok said...

Lovely to hear Matthew had some good moments! First time flying!!! Yay!! C has yet to fly.

Love all the photos.

Angoraknitter said...

Wow, his own sub command?!? That's a big, big deal! Congratulations!

Is he based down in GA now? Are you going to PCS?

I'm wondering if you've had any experience with ECHO or if you've used an ABA? All of a sudden we're in this program and they want us to interview providers. Any input you can offer would be super. I'm not really sure what this is all going to entail.
pm me if you can.
desertbolands at yahoo dot... ect.

Sylvia said...

My son is 21 and a few years ago we found my son was homozygous C667T . he also has folic acid receptor blockers. He is on MB12 sq injections daily and Leucovorin 25 mf po bid which is folinic acid among otehr supplements. We have also done ABA in his early years until he outgrew this as a learning strategy.