Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, Blog Anniversary, & My Birthday!

It's been a festive is my 38th birthday, Friday was Halloween (watch video) and also the one year anniversary of this blog. Don't ask WHY I started the blog on 10/31 last just happened!

Matthew had a blast on Friday night. He was a Cowboy (b/c he loves horses) and enjoyed going door to door for candy (which I later switched out with GFCF versions). He said "hello...trick or treat...thank you" at every house. He received many compliments and one lady even said he was her favorite and gave him a special toy. Unfortunately, John wasn't here to participate but I have plenty of photos. (See Facebook :)


Casdok said...

Happy birthday! And a happy blog day!!
Glad to hear Halloween went well and Matthew is living up to his name!!

Brandao said...

Happy Birthday!

Mathew is one very cute cowboy!

J said...

He is the most handsome little cowboy I have ever seen!

hopefaithbelieve said...

Matthew looks great! Love the video. What a great birthday present; to have your boy doing so well!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, and Blog Day, a few days belated!

Matthew is adorable!

TheFiveDays said...

OOOH, he was adorable! Look at that grin! :)