Sunday, April 13, 2008

10 Things About Matthew

I was asked by GFCF Mommy to play a game and come up with 10 great things about Matthew. Here's the link to her blog and here are my 10 things (which I did # but Blogger made them bullets!):

  1. Matthew is incredibly loving and sensitive. He loves to be held and kissed, and says "I need a hug" when he's feeling down.

  2. Matthew has a wonderful sense of humor and laughs when other people laugh.

  3. He is a total "ladies man". Matthew loves looking and smiling at females (of all ages) and they often melt when they see his big blue eyes and dimples!

  4. Matthew loves to sing and dance. His current favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider & the Chicken Dance (learned at preschool).

  5. Matthew still enjoys going for long walks in his stroller (especially with Ni-Ni). He likes to stop at every stop sign and never hesitates to say "hi" to strangers.

  6. He loves to finish sentences such as I love ... "YOU!" and 1, 2, 3... "GO!"
  7. Matthew reads signs while riding in the car (examples: McDonald's, Kohl's, Target, Wal-Mart)...his ped says he's recognizing the colorful logos, but we call it reading!

  8. Matthew has a great memory. He recites numerous lines from books and videos using real words mixed with his jargon.

  9. He is fascinated by elevators. Matthew has created his own at home using the bi-fold door on the linen closet...and makes appropriate sound effects to go with it!

  10. Matthew enjoys going to restaurants like Chili's and Cracker Barrel...does anyone know if their french fries are GFCF???


Judith said...

He is a beautiful, beautiful boy...Jack has blue eyes and dimples too. :)

Thomas Dzomba said...


Thanks for posting - he is beautiful and charming.

I am keeping a running tab of all the people who respond to the 10 things on my "10 things about Helena" post so I am adding a link to your now.


Anonymous said...

I see a lot of Peter in Matthew when he was at Matthew's age. (Peter & Matthew are classmates, for those reading from the 'outside') I strongly believe that you will see the same sudden & wondrous advances in development that we have with Peter.

KNOW how lucky you are that Matthew likes to go to restaurants. We still don't dare take Peter out for meals... but we're getting close to trying it again.


Valerie said...

So sweet! I think lunch and a museum would be wonderful--just let me know when you want to meet. I'll take off half a day or something. It's about time I meet this cutie pie son of yours and actually see you in person!!

GFCF Mommy said...

What a sweetheart Matthew is! I am so charmed by him, but then, he is the Cutest Boy on the Spectrum! But really, all our children have such beauty inside and out! You and your husband are doing a great job and you have one great boy!


Nissa Quill said...

I was reading through your posts and I had never heard the term NT before. I am glad there is a word that expresses it so well.

Have a great day!