Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Egg Roll at the White House

John spent the night outside waiting in line to get us tickets to the annual Easter Egg Roll. We had extra tickets so we gave them to our neighbors, Wendy and James. We took the Metro into the city and Matthew loved the train (and the elevators too)! We were in the last group to enter..they closed the gates at 2pm. We had until 3:30 to explore the activities on the White House lawn and there were so many options! They had the traditional egg roll, an egg hunt, face painting, egg decorating, 12 different stage performances, about 50 strolling characters (i.e. Clifford, Snoopy), an animal stage, magicians, and reading nooks. It was a busy place and lots of lines. We saw many of the characters, attended a performance (Steve Songs), and participated in the egg roll. We also (by pure chance) saw the President, Condoleeza Rice, and Barney Bush (see post below). Matthew was very well behaved and enjoyed himself. We were given a PBS Sprout framed polaroid of our meeting with Curious George and a nice cardboard framed photo of our family standing (on a platform) in front of the White House...the line for this had actually closed but they let us in b/c John was in uniform. On the way out, they gave us a commemorative poster and a goody bag with a coloring book/crayons, postcards of the White House pets, a Maisy sticker book, "My American Journal", and a special wooden Easter egg. It was a very fun, exciting, and memorable event!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! My DH thinks I'm crazy but I want to do this next year too.-Maria

Anonymous said...

Awesome - I'm so glad you all got to participate in that. :)


GFCF Mommy said...

How exciting! You will all treasure those memories forever.


P.S. I forgot to tell you I loved the "peep show" Peeps are an Easter favorite at our house too!

Valerie said...

What fun!! You all look great! I just saw your question about the site ticker. I use http://www.sitemeter.com. They have a counter that you can place at the bottom of your blog. (I keep mine invisible.) Not sure about logging what states folks are from. Also not sure about the ads. Sorry!