Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Early Birthday Treat!

My friend Lena came over today with her son Max. I have known Lena since our undergrad days at Hood College. Max is 2 days older than Matthew and is VERY verbal and engaging. We try to get them together as often as possible so Matthew can have a role model his age.

My 37th b-day is on Friday and Lena showed up with a yummy lunch from TGIF. After playing in the yard we came inside and little Max sang me "happy birthday" while we ate cake. It was a nice treat to take some time out to just talk and play with the kids. Thanks're the greatest! :)


Lisa said...

Have a Happy Birthday on Friday Cyndi! You deserve it...

Ellena said...

I thank YOU for being a great friend! I am so grateful that our paths have crossed again.
See you next playdate!!! :)

PS AWESOME job on the blog!